Roof Repair

Storm Damaged Roof Repair In Tallahassee

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Roof Repair

Usually a home owner is alerted to a problem with their roof only after they notice a water stain on their ceiling or an actual dripping of water during a heavy down pour {one the main reasons for an annual roof inspection}. Many leaking roofs can be repaired for much less than replacing the entire roof and enable the roof to provide many more years of useful service.

The professionals at Tallahassee Roofing Inc. can provide roof inspections to determine if your roof can be properly repaired. 

Tallahassee Roofing was founded over sixty years ago. We are the oldest roofing company in Tallahassee.  Our father’s mission was to set the standard for quality that others could follow and to become Tallahassee’s number one Roofing Company. After Sixty years our mission is still the same. Even in today’s competitive market, Tallahassee Roofing refuses to cut corners on materials, installation procedures or workmanship.